Opel Kadett E

1984-1991 of release

Repair and car operation

Opel Kadett E
- 1. Maintenance instruction
   1.1. Protection of environment and economy of energy
   1.2. Key
   + 1.3. Steering wheel
   1.4. Seats
   1.5. Head restraints
   1.6. Seat belt
   1.7. Rear-view mirrors
   1.8. An adjustable external mirror with an electric drive
   1.9. Ignition lock
   + 1.10. Governing bodies and control devices
   1.11. Body elements
   1.12. Increase in a luggage compartment on cars the Hatchback
   1.13. Increase in a luggage compartment on cars the Versatile person
   1.14. Adjustment of height of a back suspension bracket
   1.15. Safety
   1.16. Operation of belts
   + 1.17. Lighting
   1.18. Opening of glasses and hatch
   1.19. Heating and ventilation
   1.20. Automatic transmission
   - 1.21. Catalyst
      1.21.1. The catalyst for engines with spark ignition of a working mix
      1.21.2. The catalyst for diesel engines
   1.22. Exhaust system, exhaust gases
   1.23. Instructions on driving
   1.24. Economy of fuel
   + 1.25. Wheels and tires
   1.26. Spare wheel, jack and tool
   + 1.27. Bases of safe operation of the car
+ 2. Weekly checks and service in a way
+ 3. Maintenance
+ 4. Engine
+ 5. System of cooling, heating and ventilation
+ 6. Fuel and exhaust systems
+ 7. Start and charging system
+ 8. Ignition system
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. Transmissions and power shafts
+ 11. Brake system
+ 12. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 13. Body
+ 14. Electric circuits

1.21. Catalyst

1.21.1. The catalyst for engines with spark ignition of a working mix



Etilirovanny gasoline harms to the catalyst and electric equipment elements, why they lose working capacity.

Thanks to that the opening of a bulk mouth of a fuel tank of cars with the catalyst becomes narrower, input of the gun of a toplivorazdatochny column with etilirovanny gasoline is prevented.

Non-compliance given below instructions can lead to catalyst or car damage.

At interruptions in ignition or in operation of the engine after its start-up in a cold condition, at obvious decrease in engine capacity or at other violations in the work, indicating malfunction in ignition system, it is necessary to address immediately in an authorized workshop of Opel firm. If necessary quickly to continue movement on small speed and at small frequency of rotation of a shaft of the engine.

At hit in the catalyst of not burned down fuel there can be an overheat and catalyst damage.

Therefore avoid:

  – frequent consecutive start-up of the cold engine;
  – too long inclusion of a starter during start-up (during start-up there is a fuel injection);
  – expenditures of a stock of fuel in a tank till the end (non-uniform supply of fuel leads to an overheat);
  – engine start-up by pushing or towage (not burned down fuel can get to the catalyst); it is necessary to use a wire for starter connection to the auxiliary battery.